All About eCharm

About eCharm

eCharm International is dedicated to providing women's charitable organizations with sustainable franchisee businesses that can be adopted worldwide, regardless of the available resources. We do this because we believe that women, in their role as mothers, wives and daughters, are the key to promoting peace and prosperity around the globe.

Everywhere in the world charities struggle to meet overhead expenses. By providing a source of income in addition to donations, eCharm hopes to help these charities end their struggle for existence and begin to thrive. We believe that as franchisees of for-profit businesses, charities can utilize profits where they can do the most good: to support those in need. 

By directing profits to charities rather than corporations or individuals, we believe that the business community will better serve the public by contributing to a happier and more just society. Unfortunately, few business models are available that support these goals. By creating a successful business model that caters to non-profits as franchisees, eCharm hopes that other entrepreneurs will see an opportunity to secure financial gain while creating a better world.

Please support the efforts of eCharm to help transform our business culture by shopping regularly with us for your friends and family, and by spreading the word. 


The Story of eCharm

Hi! I'm the Founder of eCharm International. Like many ideas, I came up with eCharm when I was going through a difficult time in my life when I felt I needed to be connected to the people who loved me. So I decided to send to my sister-in-law, who lives in England, a piece of jewelry that could remind her of me. 

I shopped for awhile and finally settled on a charm bracelet from a jewelry store. I've always had warm memories of the little sounds my mother's had made when I was a child, and of the fun I had holding each little charm. At the time I thought I was buying the perfect gift, but not long after I sent it to her I realized how wonderful it would have been if instead I could have had all her USA friends pick a charm for her!

How breathtaking it would be to wear a reminder of so many people all at once! The more I thought about it, the more I realized how much I'd like a charm bracelet like that, and how much I'd like other women to have one too. Wearing it when things were tough would feel like getting a group hug, and wearing it when things were easy would feel like having a group celebration! I searched for a way to buy what I was then thinking of as friend empowerment bracelets. Soon I realized no one was making jewelry where your friends choose your charms, so eCharm International was born!

I also wanted these very special bracelets to have something in common between themselves, a charm that would bind together the bracelets and all the good people who look to their friends and loved ones for strength. Our signature international eCharm on our custom friendship bracelets do just that, connecting every eCharm bracelet to other other eCharm bracelet in the world. And yes, my sister-in-law was the first international wearer of an eCharm custom friendship bracelet!

As eCharm was designed to expand and to encourage the empowerment of women internationally, I decided on a policy of supporting home country economies as we move forward. That means all bracelets shipped to U.S. destinations are 100% made in the USA. And with the help of my international sisters, we are expanding and working on processes to help us connect more closely while acting locally and globally for the good of all. 

My blood sister here in the US is as much a part of eCharm as I am; she put in countless hours to help me as I toiled learning website creation and all the countless things I didn't know I didn't know. I thank God for her, my mother, and my close friends who have been my great supporters. Together, this small little group has literally saved me from my darkest hours. It is to them that I dedicate the heart, the soul and the spirit of the Friends Bracelet.

It is my greatest hope that your eCharm Friends Bracelet™ and the messages your friends send with it, are a constant source of empowerment and joy for a lifetime. With eCharm International's custom friendship bracelets, we can be together even at a distance - and with our friends and family, we will endure.